About Us

Since 1952, Brownell Limited designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of products dedicated to providing solutions to prevent and protect against the effects of condensation, humidity and pressure control for the Defence Industry. Other business areas include Process&Control, Power Generation and Packaging.

Brownell holds ISO 9001:2008 approval, the certified quality management system.

The company has its headquarters in West London with a location in France (Brownell-Diatero) and distributors from all over the world.

Extensive researches are conducted in its laboratories in order to improve the quality of the existing products. However, to offer an excellent service, renovation is usually combined with a continuous innovation, therefore, the company is eager to provide new solutions for various applications suitable for the state-of-the-art technology.

The success of the company is achieved through its collaboration with the customers and the understanding of their needs. The ability to meet the specific requirements allows providing an adequate protection from moisture, guiding the customer on the selection of the suitable humidity control device.

NEPS1000 (Nitrogen Environment Purge System) is one of the latest technologies developed by the company. This self-contained portable dry gas purging system is capable of removing moisture with nitrogen gas protection from optical instruments, cameras and for a variety of applications especially in the military sector.

REACTRANS has been introduced recently as the maintenance-free version of the transformer breathers. The REACTRANS is a breather designed for power transformers, which automatically regenerates the desiccant when saturated. Brownell has also designed REGEN8, the self reactivating dry air breather for wind turbine gearboxes.

The company offers an unrivalled range of desiccants, humidity indicators, desiccant bags (conventional and ultra-clean sachets) and desiccators filled with different desiccant and in various sizes.

As an alternative to conventional desiccant bags, for specific application, the moisture adsorbing board MAB and the polymer based adsorbent material VMAP have been developed with the versatility to be tailor shaped providing maximum space utilisation.

In order to prevent moisture contamination in fluids, semi-solids and powders, Brownell offers also a range of reservoir vent dryers, tank vent dryers and pipeline dryers.

In addition, Brownell Ltd supplies a whole range of pressure and vacuum relief valve designed to prevent excessive pressure or vacuum build-up in sealed containers or equipment, such as missile containers.

Other products include: remote breathers, immersion Proof Breathers, Splash Proof Breathers and document and desiccant ports. Immersion Proof Breathers and Splash Proof Breathers prevent water and dust ingress in corrosive and hostile conditions allowing electronics equipment to breath safely and avoiding pressure build-up within enclosures.

Brownell also cares about the environment. Envirogel indicating silica gel is the latest alternative to blue (cobalt chloride) silica gel. Envirogel is environmentally friendly therefore the handling and disposal of this desiccant must conform to relevant health and safety, and special waste regulations.