How it Works?

REACTRANS is a twin column drying system. One of the columns consists of a transformer breather; the other
instead contains a transformer breather and heather.

The two columns are connected by pipes inside the cabinet and the air can selectively pass through only one of
the two columns at a time.

During the normal operating cycle of the transformer, the incoming air entering the conservator is allowed to
flow only through the white leg of the REACTRANS and the moisture present in the air is adsorbed by the
desiccant in the transformer breather.

When the desiccant is saturated, an electronic valve located inside the cabinet in between the two columns,
closes the pipe containing the saturated desiccant and diverts the airflow into the other transformer breather
filled with Envirogel indicating silica gel. In this way a constantly dry environment is maintained within the
transformer, while the reactivation process of the desiccant is taking place in the white leg.

The valve is activated by a humidity sensor that continuously checks the level of moisture in the air passing
through the unit.

When the desiccant is entirely regenerated, the valve diverts without the flow to the white leg without
interfering with the operating cycle of the transformer.

REACTRANS ensures that the optimum performance is achieved by the desiccant at all times.