Why should I Buy it?

Brownell introduces the REACTRANS transformer breather. It is self-reactivating, eliminating the need for
periodic desiccant replacement on distribution transformers and the desiccant self-regeneration is
accomplished using the transformer’s natural and environmental thermal cycle.

REACTRANS is not a temporary solution to remove moisture, after the installation the transformer can
continuously breathe dry air. This intelligent solution minimizes the cost for maintenance avoiding desiccant
replacement in the transformer breather.

REACTRANS automatically reactivates the desiccant. When a preset humidity value is reached inside the unit,
the regeneration process of the saturated desiccant takes place. A passive transformer breather maintains the
operational effectiveness during reactivation and the transformer do not need to stop its operating cycle. No
moisture will be driven from the external ambient to the transformers oil and insulation paper.

All the information necessary for monitoring the humidity level in the transformer is displayed on the cabinet
or can be monitored from your desktop in real-time.
An optional data logging function records the measurements of the sensor (humidity and temperature).
In addition, the GSM module allows remote monitoring of the correct functionality of REACTRANS.
Furthermore, Brownell uses Envirogel, the low dusting beaded adsorbent that is self-indicating, this has been
developed by us and allows the user to ascertain when the desiccant is fully saturated, by the visual colour
change from orange to green. Envirogel is a safe and environmentally friendly adsorbent that changes colour
when it reaches the required maximum moisture concentration levels in transformers.